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Why is Denver a Global City?

A global city or world city is a concept which postulates that globalization can be broken down into certain strategic geographic locales wherein global processes are being created, facilitated and enacted. The most complex of these locales is the "global city", whereby the linkages binding a city have a direct and tangible effect on global affairs through more than just socio-economic means, with influence in terms of culture, or politics.

DENVER, and other global cities, share the following characteristics:

1. International, first-name familiarity; whereby DENVER is recognized without the need for a political subdivision (i.e., USA)

2. DENVER actively influences and participates in international events and world affairs.

3. A large population in the metro DENVER area.

4. DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT serves as an established hub for numerous international airlines as well as the focal point of the proposed "Aerotropolis".

5. DENVER has an advanced transportation system that includes several freeways and a large mass transit network offering multiple modes of transportation (rapid transit, light rail, regional rail, or bus).

6. DENVER has international cultures and communities which attract large foreign businesses and related expatriates.

7. DENVER is home to international financial institutions, law firms, and corporate headquarters that have influence over the world economy.

8. DENVER has an advanced communications infrastructure upon which modern trans-national corporations rely, such as fiberoptics, Wi-Fi networks, cellular phone services, and other high-speed lines of communications.

9. DENVER has world-renowned cultural institutions, museums and universities.

10. DENVER has a lively cultural scene, including film festivals, premieres, a thriving music and theater scene; an orchestra, an opera company, art galleries, and street performers.

11. DENVER has powerful and influential media outlets with an international reach, such as the BBC, Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, etc.

12. DENVER has a strong sporting community, including major sports facilities, home teams in major league sports, and the ability to host international sporting events.

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