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Why is Denver a Global City?

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GLOBAL DENVER® DIPLOMATS was started in 2001 to encourage non-Colorado people and businesses to move to the State of Colorado. Details about participation can be found at this link: Diplomat . "First Choice: Denver!" is the Global Denver ® Vision 2020.

Denver has been ranked in the top 5 cities by Men's Journal for its "urban life" based upon affordability, nightlife and dynamic city center. Boulder was listed as one of the top 5 healthiest places to live.

The Master's of Public Health Program (M.P.H.) at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center ranks #1 in the category of community health in a recent annual survey of graduate school rankings by U.S. News and World Report.  Nurse practitioner programs in Family discipline and Pediatric Discipline rank 3rd in the U.S.A. The University of Colorado Medical School has opened on the Fitzsimmons campus in Aurora. Children's Hospital of Denver celebrated its 37th year Gala in September, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center. The 2016 gala will occur in September 2016.

 42nd Governor John Hickenlooper began his second four year term as Governor in January, 2015.  Current information can be obtained at his official website: Office of Governor of Colorado

According to the Year 2010 USA Census, the number of residents in the State of Colorado has increased significantly. Growth occurred in all but six of Colorado's 63 counties.  More than 80% of the State's growth was in the 10 counties of the Metropolitan Front Range East of the Rocky Mountains. Hispanic and Asian populations grew rapidly in Colorado over the last decade.  The number of Hispanics in Colorado, according to the latest census, is 735,601 which is a 75% increase from the Year 1990 census.  Hispanics now represent 20% of the population in Colorado.

Colorado is expanding EU trade. Denver International Airport (DIA), through Frontier Airlines, offers non-stop service to many locations in Mexico and Havana, Cuba. Non-stop flights to many EU, Latin American and Asian countries from Denver are currently available or will be available in the near future. Denver International Airport exceeds its prior year record of travelers each year. A new Westin hotel has opened immediately South of the Main Terminal at DIA. Fast Light Rail service to Union Station downtown is now available.

Energy exploration in Colorado has increased in the last 24 months.  Previously abandoned oil wells are now pumping as close to capacity as possible. Low oil prices in the 1990s caused many of these wells to be closed.  Natural gas exploration is also increasing again in Colorado. Colorado and the Rocky Mountain have rich reserves of natural gas.  Energy related investments and companies supporting them will increase significantly over the next five years. Wind energy is positioned to be a increasing source of energy in Colorado. Many wind energy generators can be seen Northeast of Sterling. Weld County is a hotbed of mineral rights' leasing and drilling activity at this time.

After the September 11 tragedies in New York City and Washington, D.C., Denver hospitals have reviewed and updated their plans for mass casualties. The new University of Colorado Medical Center, including Children's hospital, continues to grow and expand on East Colfax in Aurora (the former site of Fitzsimmons Army hospital campus). Bioterrorism, chemical attack, nuclear attack are now being addressed as well as disaster plans for mass trauma.  Denver International Airport is well along the way in implementing new airport security rules regarding passenger travel as well as air cargo.

Foreign-owned companies with USA headquarters in Colorado include Corporate Express, Inc., Great West Life and Annuity Insurance, Gates Corporation,Gambro, Encana Oil and Gas, etc. These companies employ thousands of Colorado residents.

Global Denver, Inc. has allocated funds for temporary and revolving loans to Cuban Americans in Denver, Colorado and other USA locations. These microloans spur entrepreneurship, independence and self-reliance. For more information about µCuba ® , please contact us. Microloans are also available under the µDenver program for Colorado and Denver entrepreneurs.


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