Galveston Penthouse Rental

8610 Seawall, Galveston, Texas USA


gulf view image

Panorama (180 degree) Gulf of Mexico view from your suite balcony

Light House View #E300 (2200 SQ FT)


•Recently Remodeled
•3rd Floor Panorama Gulf View With Extra Large Balcony
•Upscale Contemporary Furnishings
•Bedroom 1 One King Bed
•Bedroom 2 One King Bed
•Bedroom 3 One King Bed
•Bedroom 4 One King Bed
•Bedroom 5 Full/Full Bunks
•2 Sleeper Sofas
•Two Bathrooms
•Three TV's
•Full Range/Oven
•New Stainless Appliances
•Custom Cabinetry
•2 Dining Tables
•Bar and stools to prepare cocktails
•2 Living Room areas with plenty of seating

Light House View suites are rented by:

Byron L. Barksdale and associates
Galveston, TX 77554
Phone: 308-530-3759


Additional Amenities (i.e. washer/dryer, DVD, internet, etc?)

may be added by the owner for their personal enjoyment and allowed

for guest usage. However, if any additional amenities malfunction or

are unavailable for guest usage, there will be NO refunds or discounts given.

Please keep this in mind when making your reservation.


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WELCOME! We hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy your Light House View. To help ensure your visit is pleasurable and memorable, please take a few moments to read the following. Please feel free to call us with any questions not covered in this letter. Failure to abide by property rules will result in termination of rental agreement for non-compliance; no refund shall be due. Each Rental Suite it is privately owned and furnished. DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING from the suite. Each suite is carefully inspected upon your departure with an itemized list. ANYTHING missing from the suite will be billed directly to the occupant; (this includes linens, silverware, glasses, décor, etc.). Please do not use towels from your suite as beach towels (excessive cleaning will apply). ALL SUITES ARE NON-SMOKING. SMOKING ALLOWED ON BALCONIES ONLY. ($500.00 penalty to remove smoke smell will apply.)

DIRECTIONS TO LIGHTHOUSE VIEW located at 8610 Seawall Boulevard, Galveston, Texas 77554:

1.From I-45 South: Exit 61st Street. Turn Right onto 61st street, proceed South to Seawall Blvd., then turn right onto Seawall Blvd. You will see The Light House located about 2 miles on the right. The Light House View is located at 8610 Seawall Blvd Galveston, Texas 77554 on the right hand side.

2.From Bolivar Ferry: Exit the Ferry and proceed on Ferry Road until you reach Seawall Blvd. Turn right and follow Seawall Boulevard to The Light House which is located at 8610 Seawall Blvd Galveston , Texas 77554.

1.CODE OF CONDUCT - Renters are to conduct themselves in a civil manner when dealing with employees, tenants, visitors and other guests. The following actions are expressly prohibited: (a) verbal abuse; (b) insults and derogatory name-calling; (c) cursing; (d) aggressive or threatening behavior; (e) hostile touching or physical contact; (f) sexual harassment; (g) posting correspondence on the doors of directors and officers; and (h) phone calls that are designed - by their tone, time, or frequency - to harass or intimidate. No person has the right to abuse another or the duty to tolerate abuse.

2.PATIOS AND BALCONIES - Patios and balconies are to be kept neat and clean at all times. Entryways are to be kept clear and unblocked. No towels, bathing suits, clothing, or any other items are to be draped from balcony area.

3.HALLWAYS - No item or object of any type, including floor mats, furniture, plants, and decorative items, may be stored, placed, or maintained anywhere on the General Common Elements, including hallways and stairwells. Items of personal property found on General Common Elements are deemed abandoned and may be disposed of.

4.FIRE AND SAFETY - No person may use, tamper with, pry open, or modify any fire or safety equipment on the Property, including alarms, extinguishers, monitors, and self-closing doors.

5.SIDEWALKS - Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, etc. are not allowed in the common areas, sidewalks or parking areas.

6.LANDSCAPING - No one shall harm, mutilate, alter, littler, uproot or remove any of the landscaping work on or within the General Common Elements, or place or affix any planters, statues, fountains, ornamental objects or artificial plants upon any portion of the General Common Elements. Digging, planting, pruning, and climbing in any landscaped areas are expressly prohibited.

7.QUIET HOURS - Quiet hours take place between 10:00 p.m. and 6 a.m., renters will refrain from activities with which are likely to disturb others on the premises.

8.PETS AND WILDLIFE - Pets are not allowed in facilities at any time. If the guest is found to have a pet, they will be asked to leave without a refund of their payment. Feeding of birds, squirrels, or any wildlife is prohibited on the Property.

9.CHECK-IN AND CHECKOUT - Check-in is between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. or as soon as the unit is clean and available. Checkout is no later than 11:00 a.m. and is strictly enforced during peak and busy times. Early check-in or late check-out (seasonal) may be inquired about through the rental agent and fees do apply. Balances due must be paid upon check-in. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. Major credit cards are accepted (No Discover card.)

10.LATE ARRIVALS - Call the office on your day of arrival for instructions if arriving after 5:00 p.m. Early departures (before 9:00 a.m.) please call for instructions.

11.KEYS - All keys must be returned to the office on departure. Charges will apply for lost keys. Keys/bands - $50.00 each if lost or not returned.

12.PLEASE CHECK YOUR SUITE UPON ARRIVAL - Report any discrepancy or problem with A/C, phone, TV, etc. to the office as soon as the problem is realized. Refunds or discounts will not be made due to maintenance related problems. We will make every effort to correct the problem as soon as possible, or move you to another unit, if possible. Any maintenance related problems, dissatisfaction with the suite, view, etc. will be handled during business hours. Guest must follow guidelines set forth for the maximum number of occupants per suite. Severe penalties will apply for exceeding the maximum occupancy per unit. Additional towels or maid service is available for an additional fee. Trash bags, toiletry items, soaps, etc. are not replenished. Any additional service requested must be made to prior to 11 AM the morning before service is need.

13.CANCELLATION POLICY AND REFUNDS - A $75.00 cancellation fee. Refunds (minus the cancellation fee) will be given if cancellation occurs by noon 2 weeks prior to the arrival date. For holidays and special events, a 4-week deadline for cancellation will apply. The same deadline will apply for all reservation changes. Failure to keep reservation (no-show) will be charged the entire deposit. Refunds are not given for any early departure. All reservations are guaranteed reservations. Departing early due to weather, illness, emergencies, change of plans, or being asked to leave for failure to comply with rules and regulations will result in no refund given. Refunds are not given for mandatory island evacuation; we suggest the purchase of travel insurance prior to arrival.


15.CURFEW - The City of Galveston has a curfew law. We kindly ask that guests follow these guidelines: Guests under 16 must be in-doors by nightfall unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Also, an individual under the age of 13 is not to be left unsupervised in a suite.

16.AIR CONDITIONING - Please be considerate and do not run A/C or heater with doors and/or windows open.

17.LOCKOUT FEES - Guests may come to the rental office during normal business hours to pick up a key for their unit. After business hours, there is a $50.00 cash charge to have an additional key provided from the rental office.

18.ADDITIONAL INFO - Please check feet/shoes for tar before entering condo. Charges will apply for carpet cleaning/spot cleaning for any negligence during occupancy. Please remove all trash to designated areas to avoid additional charges. At no time shall trash be set by front door, or anywhere else on property. No loud music, television, instruments, or loud voices permitted. Noisy, disorderly, offensive, annoying, or any conduct disturbing other guests will not be tolerated. No house parties or underage drinking will be tolerated; any violators will be subject to immediate removal with no refund. No glass containers are allowed in areas other than room. Laundry facilities, when available, are a convenience for the guests, and must be left clean after each use. Upon departure, any excessive cleaning or damages to the unit will result in charges. Damage to furnishings, appliances, plumbing, etc. caused during a guest’s occupancy will be billed directly to the guest. The Realty Executives property office personnel on the first floor cannot help with any rental unit issues. Please be courteous to other guests, occupants and visitors of 8610 Seawall.

19. ANY TRASH LEFT IN FRONT OF THE UNIT WILL RESULT IN A $1000.00 FINE TO THE OCCUPANT! - Please bag all of your trash on checkout and take it to the dumpster behind the buiding.


Byron L. Barksdale: 308-530-3759

Unit telephone number: See confirmation

Police emergencies only: 911