Global Denver ® Vision 2030: "First Choice: Denver!"

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Why is Denver a Global City?

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"The question is not what you look at, but what you see" Henry David Thoreau

Denver continues to define its "footprint" in the Global Community.  International non-stop flights are being added to the roster at Denver International Airport, trade missions are being conducted by public and private entities to all corners of the World, telecommunications based in Colorado allow a "closer global community" and educational opportunities to millions. The Global Denver ® Vision 2030 is "First Choice: Denver!" wherein Denver is recognized as a city that harnesses exciting opportunities in conjunction with community consensus and mandates to solve, through ballot initiatives, reason and science, the challenges and problems facing many urban areas. Global Denver, Inc. partners with Colorado individuals and companies who want to grow and expand Worldwide. Global Denver, Inc. invites non-USA domiciled individuals and companies to remember "First Choice: Denver!" and Colorado in their strategic visions.

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